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4 Ways to Attract Clients


How do you attract clients? I know it’s a hard question to answer considering most of the time, your clients come to you when wanting a branding service. So you’re not necessarily chasing them, but you should be putting out content when trying to attract them. However, there is a right & wrong way to […]

Okay, so you know it’s mandatory for me to chat about branding as a brand designer, right? But when it comes to branding, that can be for literally any business. Every single brand that you see in the public eye has their very own brand identity—some are better than others, but that’s not the point. […]

Let’s talk about outsourcing. As a designer, people come to us so they can outsource their branding & website needs, so it should totally make sense for me to outsource something that I need help with in my own business! It’s only taken me 6 years to finally do it though! I was a little […]

After running my own business for over 7 years, I feel like I’ve tried a ton of apps and programs. A lot of them I ended up cancelling my subscription to, but there are a few that I’m stilling using. Here they are! 1. MOYO Studio MOYO Studio is where I purchase all of my […]

For the last few years, I’ve been using MailChimp to send out newsletters to my customers. Realistically, I was only sending maybe 4 emails a year, but I’ve decided to switch platforms & focus more on my dedicated mailing list.


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