4 Ways to Use your Branding

June 16, 2021

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Okay, so you know it’s mandatory for me to chat about branding as a brand designer, right?

But when it comes to branding, that can be for literally any business. Every single brand that you see in the public eye has their very own brand identity—some are better than others, but that’s not the point.

Did you know that you could be using your branding in favour of your business? As a designer, it’s super important to show what you can do & luckily for you there are a good amount of resources you can use to do just that!

Today I’m going to talk about the 4 ways you can use your branding in your business.

1. Social Media 

I mean, this is a no-brainer! On your Instagram or Pinterest you should be showing off your services, skills and projects. Freelancing is so different ever since COVID hit, now everyone is looking for business on social media. Recently I’ve had so many people who are just starting up a business because they lost their jobs due to COVID—it’s amazing how many people are turning their passion projects into full-time jobs!

So, if you haven’t already created an Instagram & Pinterest business account, you need to do that!

2. Newsletter

Using your branding in your emails can be a very easy way to build your brand’s image online. When a client receives an email from you, they should automatically recognize that it’s from you, based on the imagery, design and copy. Start off with a monthly newsletter and increase the frequency as you go.

Again, have fun with it!

3. Print Materials

If you’re selling physical products like art prints, posters, jewelry, shoes, rugs, or literally anything else that you mail to someone—make the unboxing experience special. This can be as simple as a custom notecard, business card, tissue paper, stickers or packaging with your logo and brand colours on it. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on this, but something as simple as a handwritten note on a branded postcard makes a difference.

4. Client Documents

It was only recently that I started having a real workflow for my clients, but it’s made all the difference for me. I made the on-boarding process for potential clients that submit an inquiry consistent, streamlined and of course, on brand. Use your brand assets on your proposals, contracts, presentations, invoices, emails, brand guidelines and anything else that your client or customer will see.

There are SO many other ways you can showcase your branding within your business—you should be trying to show it off as much as you can—it’s literally free advertising! So the next time you think you’ve made it through your to-do list, take some time and redesign your client documents! Make the client’s experience memorable.

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