Outsourcing 101

June 16, 2021

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Let’s talk about outsourcing.

As a designer, people come to us so they can outsource their branding & website needs, so it should totally make sense for me to outsource something that I need help with in my own business! It’s only taken me 6 years to finally do it though! I was a little hesitant when deciding whether or not to take the leap & hire a Virtual Assistant, but it’s been one the best decisions I’ve made!

I knew that there were a lot of tasks that were spreading me thin in my business, so I finally decided to do something about it. Insert @itscourtneyweimer—Courtney has been helping me with content planning, hashtag research and blog post writing for the last month. All of these tasks were taking away time I would rather spend designing, and it’s been so helpful having Courtney do them!

Of course there are a million things that you can choose to outsource in your biz, but the two I need desperately were:

1. Content Planning

In the beginning of my business journey, I could handle doing this on my own—but as soon as I started to get more & more booked out, I started to slack…. totally valid! I wanted to commit to having a blog so badly, but it always got pushed to the back burner. Referring back to my last blog post, posting consistent, quality content is crucial for the success of any business on Instagram. My VA plans out a whole month of content including topics, captions, & blogs so I don’t have to.

2. Hashtag Research 

I’ve always been a little confused on what hashtags I should & shouldn’t be using for my industry and how to reach my ideal clients.

Did you know you should be cycling hashtags with every post & have them match the keywords within your copy as well? No? Me neither.

So what did I do? I outsourced a hashtag strategy! Getting 400-500 hashtags specifically for my business is seriously what I needed and now don’t have to worry about fishing & researching hashtags right before I have to post anymore.

Here is a list of jobs that I would love to hire for eventually

  • Accountant & Admin (I’ve gotten better with this over time, but I still dread doing it)
  • Junior Designer to help with small tasks so I can take on more projects
  • Project Manager to onboard clients, send contracts, invoices, etc.

Outsourcing can feel a little intimidating—trust me, it took my a long time to do it. But it doesn’t need to be permanent, you can always test the waters for a month and decided if you want to move forward with it! I personally have found it so worth it & gaining that valuable time back is truly priceless to me

If you’re looking for a sign to outsource anything in your business, this is it!

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